Procedure for Commissioning a Painting

     All kinds of commissioned art are welcome. Most requests are for portraits.  Requiring many hours of labor, a portrait is a stylized depiction of the subject's appearance and personality as interpreted by the artist.

     I will travel to your home or other location for a portrait sitting.  At this meeting we will discuss the composition of the painting, the feeling you wish to create, and where the painting will hang.  I will photograph and sketch the subject, then return to my studio and put together a preliminary drawing or study upon which the final portrait will be based.  The study is presented for approval or revisions before the final portrait is done.

     I also paint still lifes using significant momentos from a person’s life. These paintings make great gifts and keepsakes.

     The cost of commissioning a portrait in oil ranges upward from $400 (still lifes from $300). The number of figures, portion of each figure included, and size of the painting as well as the medium used, all affect the cost of the painting.  An oil of a head and shoulders of one figure on a 16" x 20" canvas would be $400 (smaller would be less).  A half figure would be $500 and a full length figure (24" x 30") would be $600. An additional figure on the same canvas generally runs an additional 50% of the basic price.  Larger canvases, framing, shipping, and sales tax (if applicable) are additional to the basic price.  Also, the client pays for the transportation fees for the initial discussion, sketch, and photography (other than local).  A 50% deposit is required in advance.  The balance is due upon delivery.

PS -It is not as complicated as it sounds :)....and it is lots of fun!

     Please email inquiries directly to Penelope or phone (603) 667-0951.